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Old Perithia Corfu

A unique piece of Corfu history that takes you back in time and travels you to another time amidst an amazing rocky mountainous landscape that overlooks the northeastern coast of Corfu.

Take a step back in time

The Ionian Islands and Corfu particularly are well-known for their rich historical background and unique cultural heritage, but unfortunately few historical sites have survived natural disasters or wars that bear witness to the past. One of the best sites to visit, just a short drive from our holiday villas in Corfu, is old Perithia, a “Heritage Protected” village in “a Designated Area of Natural Beauty”perched on the hillside of Mount Pantokrator. The earliest records of the village date back to the 14th century, although it is believed that its origins go back several centuries before.

This fine sample of traditional mountain village architecture included around 130 stone-built houses, eight churches and a school, some of which have fallen to ruins, while a lot have been or are currently being restored. A walk through the cobbled streets echo reminisces from the past, when the village was one of the wealthiest villages in Corfu, populated by 1200 inhabitants who were mostly active in cattle farming.

The mountainous landscape with the century-old oak trees, vines and crisp mountain breeze welcomes you to be part of a completely different experience that can only be accentuated by the amazing views of the northeastern coast from one side and the rugged mountain top from the other. Wander off to the countyside following one of the hike paths or experience the warm hospitality of the locals while sampling homemade cooking in one of the four tavernas found in the village.

Want more?

If you are quite fit and feel adventurous, after getting to Old Perithia by car from our Corfu Villas, you might want to take a mountain a two-hour hike all the way to the top of Mount Pantokrator (“Our Lord the Almighty”), where the namesake monastery is found. The alternative is to drive there around the mountain, which might take about 30-45 min from our holiday villas in Corfu, but this is definitely more comfortable and stress-free.

The monastery is built on the location of a former Angevin monastery dated from the 14th century, which was destroyed in the 16th century and was rebuilt with the donations of the surrounding villages. You are free to visit the monastery and enjoy the truly breathtaking views across most of Corfu Island and nearby Albania. Outside the monastery there is a small café where you can enjoy a cup of coffee at the top of Corfu’s highest mountain!