Holiday Corfu Villas

Kassiopi Corfu

At the foot of Mount Pantokrator, the small but lively village of Kassiopi caters the needs of the most demanding visitors with a rich historical background combined with distinct local color.

Rich past, vibrant present

Kassiopi is a popular tourist resort within a 5-10 min short drive from our Corfu villas. Historically, it is believed to have been founded in Ancient Greece by King Pyrrhus in the 3rd century BC to serve as a supply post for his war against Rome. When Corfu was conquered by the Romans in 230 BC, Emperor Nero was among the Emperors that visited this little village. He actually came to Kassios Zeus temple located in Kassiopi, but he also built the baths of Kassiopi. This temple was converted to a Christian church in the 5thcentury AD to honor the Holy Mother (“Panagia Kassopitra”), it has two altars to accommodate both Orthodox and Catholic Christians and there are inscriptions on the church that bear the dates of 1590, 1670 and 1832.

The strategic significance of the place is further illustrated by the Byzantine fortress, which was built on the hillside overlooking the village. This fortress was maintained and developed by the Venetians and proved its invaluable worth against the sieges from the Ottoman Turks during the 16th century. A walk along the parts of the fortress walls that survive today will give you the feeling of past battles, while the panoramic view over Kassiopi village will compensate your walk up there.

Kassiopi bears a lot of different faces and offers a wide spectrum of activities depending on the time of day you visit. Have your breakfast early in the morning in a café or restaurant at the harbor and watch the fishing boats come in with their daily catch. Pick one of the little pebble or rocky emerald beaches around the village and soak in the golden sunrays or opt for a boat excursion along the picturesque Northeastern coast to Corfu Town or hire your own motor boat and explore the amazing Ionian Sea coves. Have a cocktail in the evening in one of the bars and stay up late to watch the sunrise over the fortress.

Want more?

Our Corfu villas are ideally situated very close to the old historical village of Perithia, which is perched on the slope of Mount Pantrokrator. Be prepared for a complete change of scenery, since the landscape is quite distinct from the usual green olive groves which are abundant in Corfu Island. The winding road to Perithia is rocky and mostly bare and brings you to an enchanting stone-built ghost village that dates back to the 14th century AD. This is one of the oldest original mountain villages of Corfu, which were built away from the coast to protect their inhabitants from pirate attacks along the coast. Take a stroll along the cobbled streets, enjoy the astonishing views overlooking the northeast shore, hike the countryside or sample a local homemade dish in one of the taverns. Whatever your pick, you will be amazed!